University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Facilities

Aerogeophysical Data

  • 1997-2001 Support Office for Aerogeophysical Research (SOAR): East and West Antarctica, 1991-1997 Corridor Aerogeophysics of the South East Ross Transect Zone (CASERTZ): West Antarctica

Summary of the UTIG aerogeophysical investigations in Antarctica. Three letter acronyms given after project titles correspond to labels in above figure.

UTIG Aerogeophysical Projects
Project Acronym Project Title (abbreviated)
WAG West Antarctic Glaciology V
LIV Laser Altimetry for Ice-Sheet Volume-Balance
STI Stress Transmission at Ice-Stream Shear Margins
PPT, RBG, WLK Contrasting Architecture and Dynamics in the Transantarctic Mountains
WMB Air-Ground Study of Tectonics at the Boundary Between the Eastern Ross Embayment and Western Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
DVD WAIS Ice Divide Migration
LVS Understanding the Boundary Conditions of the Lake Vostok Environment: A Site Survey for Future Studies
DCS A Broadband Seismic Investigation of Deep Continental Structure Across the East-West Antarctic Boundary