LVS - Lake Vostok Survey

The LVS survey was flown over the Lake Vostok region in central East Antarctica. Transects were flown with a line spacing of 7.5 km for lines flown in an east-west direction. North-south oriented tie lines were flown with an 11.25 km spacing. Fifteen km long transect 'run-ins' and 'run-outs' were added to each line, thus ensuring data collection to survey boundaries. Laser altimetry, ice-penetrating radar, gravity and magnetic field intensity data were collected.This work was funded by NSF-OPP 9911617 with the project title: Understanding the Boundary Conditions of the Lake Vostok Environments: A Site Survey for Future Studies. Principal investigator was R.E. Bell; Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

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Gridded data

Surface Elevation (laser)

Surface Elevation (radar)

Ice Thickness

Bed Elevation

Free-Air Gravity

Magnetic Field Intensity

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