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Academic Seismic Portal (ASP) at UTIG

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Recent Additions

  • RR1718 - 2017 MCS data offshore Oregon
  • MGL1211 - 2012 Juan de Fuca MCS data released as unrestricted
  • MGL1110 - 2011 ALEUT MCS data
  • M115 - 2015 CAYSEIS OBS data
  • BM1310 - 2013 Gulf of Mexico survey
  • MGL0812 - 2008 East Pacific Rise survey
  • More

Global Map Search

Link to global map of seismic data in the Academic Seismic Data Center Gateway to the Academic Seismic Portal (ASP), an archive of academic active-source seismic data (SCS, MCS, CHIRP, OBS, OOS, Sonobuoy and 3.5 kHz), supported by the National Science Foundation. We are partners with the ASP at LDEO.

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