WMB - Western Marie Byrd Land Survey

The WMB survey was flown over Marie Byrd Land in West Antarctica. Survey transect lines were flown with a 10.6 km line spacing over most of the survey and a 5.3 km line spacing was flown over the western and southeastern parts of the survey area. Fifteen km long transect 'run-ins' and 'run-outs' were added to each line, thus ensuring data collection to survey boundaries. Laser altimetry, ice-penetrating radar, gravity and magnetic field intensity data were collected.This work was funded by NSF-OPP 9319379 with the project title: Air-ground study of tectonics at the boundary between the eastern Ross Embayment and western Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica: Basement geology and structure, and influences on West Antarctic glaciation. Principal investigators were Bruce L. Luyendyk, University of California at Santa Barbara, California, and Christine H. Smith, Colorado College.

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Surface Elevation (Laser)

Surface Elevation (Radar)

Ice Thickness

Bed Elevation

Free-Air Gravity

Magnetic Field Intensity


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