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PLATES Posters


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  • Present-day Plate Boundary Map
    (plate boundaries overlaying topography/bathymetry data)
    Please reference this map as:
    Topography and Predicted Bathymetry of the World with Present-day Plate Boundaries, 2012. Plate boundaries are from the PLATES Project digital data compilation. Topography/predicted bathymetry data are from Smith, W. and Sandwell, D. (Science, vol. 277, pp. 1956-1962) plotted using the GMT mapping software (Wessel and Smith, 1991, EOS, Transactions AGU, vol. 72, pp. 441, 445-444). Map produced at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics, 2012.
    PDF version

  • The Making of Texas
    (poster showing the plate tectonic evolution of Texas)

  • Combining Burial Histories and Sedimentary Basin Rotations
    (poster presenting Burial History Curves and Plate Reconstructions by D.A. Campbell, L.A. Lawver, L.M. Gahagan, and M.K. Horn)