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Lunar Data - Yosio Nakamura, UTIG Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Yosio Nakamura
Lunar Data

This directory contains some selected samples of lunar seismic data from the Apollo Passive Seismic Experiment (PSE) with supplementary information.

Unless otherwise noted, the data are in the original raw PSE data format. Some Fortran decoding routines are available in progs.

ai: contains the entire artificial impact data in SAC format.

sets/ai: contains the entire artificial impact data in raw PSE format from 4000 series special event tapes.

sets/dmqa1: contains A1 deep moonquake data from 4001 series special event tapes.

sets/hft: contains the shallow moonquake data from 300* series special event tapes.

sets/metimp: contains major meteoroid impact data from 200* series special event tapes.

catsrepts: contains event catalogues and .pdf and .rtf copies of UTIG Technical Report No. 118, which describes archived data tape files.

cvtimelists: contains cvt files (lists of times when commands were received by PSE station).