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Lunar Data - Yosio Nakamura, UTIG Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Yosio Nakamura
Technical Reports On Lunar Data
Passive Seismic Experiment Long Period Event Catalog


This data set is publicly available through at:


EvCatEntries.1008c - Apollo Passive Seismic Experiment Long-Period Event Catalog (corrected)
PSETapeCat.sit - compressed data file
Retired_A_List - List of Retired Deep Moonquake A#
TechRept-118.rtf - UTIG Technical Report in rtf format
TechRept118.pdf - UTIG Technical Report in PDF format
TimeErrorIntervals.rtf - Intervals of Time Error Due to Tape Head Wiring Error at Range Stations (rtf format)
levent.1008c (corrected)