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A comparison of tomographic and
geodynamic mantle models

Thorsten W. Becker and Lapo Boschi 1

This document contains additional material for the G-Cubed online article

Becker, T. W. and L. Boschi: A comparison of tomographic and geodynamic mantle models, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 3, 2001GC000168, 2002.

(You can also
download the corresponding PDF file right here). The additional material we present here consists of a complete list of spectral power plots (sec. 3), radial correlation function diagrams (sec. 4), cross-model correlation plots (sec. 5), and total correlation diagrams (sec. 6) for all models that are discussed in the G-Cubed article . In sec. 7.2, all spherical harmonic expansions and original data sources are furthermore listed with the corresponding download links. For a decription of the measures used for characterization and comparison of mantle models, see the main test.

(C) Thorsten Becker, USC Geodynamics, Los Angeles CA, USA, last updated 2002-01-14