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Fellowship talks - Spring 2009

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Spring 2009
Fellowship Talks

08 May 2009

The following students received fellowships during Spring 2009 and will present a short review of their research results for the Spring 2009 semester. Each talk will be followed by questions and discussion from both staff and students.

All are welcome to attend.


Title of Talk



Kylara Martin


Gale White Fellowship

Sean Gulick

Bobby Reece

"Sedimentary Characterization of the Surveyor Fan, Gulf of Alaska"

Ewing-Worzel Fellowship

Sean Gulick

Manasij Santra

"'Seismic Stratigraphy of Pleistocene Shelf Wedge - New Jersey Shelf"

Ewing-Worzel Fellowship

John Goff

Julia Schneider

"Porosity - permeability behavior of shallow mudstones, Gulf of Mexico"

Ewing-Worzel Fellowship

Peter Flemings

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