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Fellowship talks - Spring 2007

Fellowship Talks

10:30 a.m. - 11:30 noon
04 May 2007

The following students have fellowships during Spring 2007 and will present a short review of their research results for the Spring 2007 semester. Each talk will be followed by questions and discussion from both staff and students.

All are welcome to attend.


Title of Talk



Reeshidev Bansal

Seismic characterization of naturally fractured reservoirs

Gale White Fellowship

Mrinal Sen

Theresa Diehl

Airborne Gravity in West Antarctica: Locating Tectonic Boundaries and Subglacial Sediments

Ewing-Worzel Fellowship

Don Blankenship

Justin Funk

Distinguishing Mechanisms for Extension Controlling Deformation of the Nicaragua Depression

Ewing-Worzel Fellowship

Paul Mann/
Kirk McIntosh

Emily Pangborn

Thrust Fault Characteristics Inferred from 3-D Seismic Reflection Data from the Nankai Trough Subduction Zone, Southwest Japan

Gale White Fellowship

Nathan Bangs