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PLATES Project

Below are listed some other links for plate tectonics. The first group of links is for school-age children. The second should appeal to those in more advanced research.

General Geology
Bryan Aivazian's Science Visualization Home Page

Images of hazards to people

Other plate reconstruction sites - ODSN interactive reconstructions - University of Chicago - Paleogeographic Atlas Project Maps - Chris Scotese's website

Education Links for plate tectonics and associated topics.

Hotspot Movie and Plate Spreading Movie by Jared Kluesner

Time-scale with fossils

USGS Kids' Earthquake Page

Home Preparedness - What to do in an Earthquake

Information on How to Prepare for an Earthquake (in Spanish)

The Earthquake Resource Guide

EarthByte's movies.

NASA's Observatorium Teacher's Guides

"This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics" by Kious & Tilling plate tectonics for the beginner (from Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory) (Museum of Paleontology, Univ. of California, Berkeley) (Geology Central - Virtual Geology Field Trips and Geology Links)


Advanced Studies: Plate tectonics links and other interesting geoscience links. Online Earthquake and Engineering Information Astronomy and Space Resource (seafloor and land topography data, Sandwell et al.) (marine gravity data, Sandwell et al.) (GMT: Generic Mapping Tools) "Surface Distance Between Two Points of Latitude and Longitude" "Distance and Azimuths Between 2 Sets of Coordinates" - UNAVCO plate motion calculator (Caribbean geology)