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The PLATES Project

100 million years into the Future

- a prediction of what the plates might possibly look like

Note the wider Atlantic Ocean, the compression of Africa into Europe in the Mediterranean Sea, the compression of India and other plates northward into Asia, and the northward movement of Australia to northern Asia.

Figure from Dalziel, I.W.D., 1999, Vestiges of a beginning and the prospect of an end, in Craig, G.Y. and Hull, J.H., James Hutton - Present and Future, Geological Society, London, Special Publications, vol. 150, p. 119-155.

Plate rotations based on the PLATES Project plate model and on the Nuvel-1a (DeMets, C., Gordon, R.G., Argus, D.F., and Stein, S., 1994, Effect of recent revisions to the geomagnetic reversal time scale on estimates of current plate motions, Geophysical Research Letters, 21(20): 2191-2194) poles.