UTIG's Library Storage Facility
aerial view
Aerial view of staging area and large equipment storage.

LSF 176
UTIG's Library Storage Facility

The Library Storage Facility (LSF 176) is a multifaceted and versatile warehouse utilized by the scientists at the Institute for Geophysics. LSF 176 is home to almost all of UTIG's scientific equipment. It is where our gear is stored, mobilized for the field, and demobilized upon return. Three laboratories allows for further data analysis once scientists are back home at UTIG, and ample space is provided for storage of field samples and data archiving. A dedicated driveway and loading dock are both huge benefits to LSF 176 as freight forwarders regularly retrieve our equipment and later return it from locations all over the globe.

core storage
LSF 176 is home to four rows of core storage. After expeditions to areas including Vanuatu and locales in the Solomon Islands, UTIG scientists analyze and catalog core samples retrieved from these remote locations.

electronics lab
LSF has a dedicated electronics laboratory that is used to analyze data collected from Antarctica.
staging area
LSF's staging area. Here shipments to the field are tested, mobilized, and demobilized.

rock saw
A rock saw used to cut slabs from field samples.
x-ray collimator system
UTIG's x-ray collimator system (above and right) consisting of a Digitizer and Image Processor is used to observe changes in density of natural materials, such as annual bands in corals, varves in lake and marine sediments, and bands in cave stalagmites.

OBS lab
UTIG's dedicated Ocean Bottom Seismometers Laboratory. Here our OBS systems are assembled, tested, and mobilized for the field.




OBS capsules
A collection of back up OBS capsules.
storage alcove
This storage alcove houses UTIG's assembly of Ocean Bottom Seismometers. Each seismometer is stored in a dedicated Hardigg case until it is time for deployment.

counting room
The counting room is for gamma spectroscopy.
A small mezzanine used to store UTIG's large collection of heavy duty shipping boxes and crates.




equipment storage
LSF's second story is used for additional equipment storage.
Two rooms on the second floor are used for archiving data, maps, and reports.