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Fellowship talks - Spring 2004

Graduate Student Talks

3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
07 May 2004

The following students have fellowships during Spring 2004 and will present a short review of their research results for the Spring 2004 semester. Each talk will be followed by questions and discussion from both staff and students.

All are welcome to attend.

Student Title of Talk Fellowship Advisor
Amanda Clapp Teaching evolution: Hands-on activites for the high school classroom GK-12 Fellowship Ellins
Hongbo Lu Miocene-Recent sequence stratigraphy and tectonic controls on sediment supply: Canterbury basin, New Zealand Ewing-Worzel Fellowship Fulthorpe
Armando Sena Modeling of GPR data in stratified media using the reflectivity technique Gale White Fellowship Sen
David Soto Anatomy of the structure and sedimentation of a transpressional strike-slip plate boundary from 3D seismic reflection data, eastern offshore Trinidad JSG Fellowship Mann
Vanessa Svihla Effective problem-based activities in parting content and learning skills through a debate on the K-T extinction GK-12 Fellowship Ellins
David Gorney Present constraints on the structure and morphology of the Chicxulub impact crater Ewing-Worzel Fellowship Gulick