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BSR Nankai ew9907

Summary of U.S. 3-D Academic Projects

Listed below are projects that are considered '3-D' data sets.

11). 2013 San Luis Pass, Gulf of Mexico (BM1310 Meckel):

Eight 25-m streamers. 6.25 m x 6.25 m processing spacing

12). 2013 Galicia Bank (MGL1307 Sawyer, Reston, Ranero, Shillington):

Four 6000-m streamers. 25.0 m x 12.5 m processing spacing

10). 2008 EPR 9N (MGL0812 Mutter, Canales, Carbotte, Nedimovic):

37.5m line spacing (300-m sail lines); four 6000-m streamers

9). 2008 Oregon Hydrate Ridge P-cable (TN220 Bangs, Hornbach):

3 x 6 km P-cable 10-12.5m streamers

8). 2006 Kumano Basin Nankai (KUMANO3D Moore, Bangs, Gulick, Saffer, Taira, Tobin)

images and information on 2006 Kumano Basin Nankai KUMANO3D cruise

7). 2000 Blake Ridge (EW0008 Holbrook):

images and information on 2000 Blake Ridge cruise

6). 2000 Oregon Hydrate Ridge (TN112 Trehu, Bangs, Nakamura, Sen, Nabelek):

images and information on 2000 Oregon Hydrate Ridge cruise

5). 1999 Muroto Nankai (EW9907_8 Bangs, Shipley, Moore, Moore, Morgan, Taira, Kuramoto):

images and information on 1999 Muroto Nankai cruise

4). 1997 East Pacific Rise (EW9707 Kent, Harding, Orcutt, Singh, Sinha):

images and information on 1997 East Pacific Rise cruise

3). 1992 Barbados Accretionary Prism (EW9207 Shipley, Stoffa, Moore):

images and information on 1992 Barbados Accretionary Prism cruise

2). 1989 New Jersey (CH8916 Austin)

images and information on 1989 New Jersey cruise

1). 1987 Costa Rica Nicoya (FM3502 Shipley, Silver, Stoffa, Backus):

images and information on 1987 Costa Rica Nicoya cruise