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Other SEG-Y Seismic Data Sources

There are many excellant sources of seismic data, many in the public domain. There is no one place that provides anything close to a complete inventory.

ASP_LDEO -- Our partner seismic portal at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory has many resources. They concentrate on field data but also have extensive collections of single-channel data. They also have freely-available global interpretation tools called GeoMapApp (map-based) and Virtual Ocean (a globe-based 3D tool).

USGS CMGDS -- The United States Geological Survey has a large collection of data collected by USGS and very high quality data from several geophysical contractors, all in the public domain. While the collection is focused on U.S. EEZ, it is a worldwide data base.

NGDC -- The U.S. National Geophysical Data Center in Boulder, Colorado is the primary long-term archive for U.S. geophysical data. They act as the coordinating agency working closely with the USGS and academic data systems and institutions. They have important digital data but mostly have original or scanned data from images.

IODP Site Survey Data Bank -- This data bank archives site survey data for IODP proposals.

IRIS -- The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology is mostly an earthquake data center but also has a number of important seismic reflection and seismic refraction data sets.

JAMSTEC -- This site provides information on IFREE (Institute for Research on Earth Evolution) seismic programs and information for data inquiries.

UNEP -- This Norway site, the UNEP Shelf Program, supports the United Nations extended continental shelf program for developing countries. It provides a mapping interface to identify seismic and related data residing in other data centers.