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Seismic Project Information MISSRIV08
Mississippi River Project

This 2008 cruise on the M/V Strong, a collaborative effort between the University of Memphis and University of Texas at Austin, collected high-resolution seismic reflection data and CHIRP data along the Mississippi River, from Helena, Arkansas, to Caruthersville, Missouri. It was followed by two more field seasons in 2010 and 2011. It has been proposed that the seismicity in the New Madrid seismic zone is either 1) episodic; 2) very young (at least in its present incarnation); or 3) migrates throughout a broad region at the continental or regional scale. The purpose of the seismic acquisition was to illuminate the shallow section and provide images of the Mississippi river sediments and of the suspected faults concealed under the subdued topography, providing detailed information on the partitioning of the deformation among key structures beyond the limit of the New Madrid seismic zone that would enable the PIs to test the various hypotheses concerning the zone.

Line names with *_* are CHIRP data.

M. Beatrice Magnani
Kirk D. McIntosh
Chief Scientists:
M. Beatrice Magnani (NSF 0738853)
Kirk D. McIntosh (NSF 0738855)
Brian Waldron (NSF 0738853)
Principal Investigators:
University of Memphis
Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin
Data Originating Institutions:
National Science Foundation
Funding Agencies:
Unrestricted access.
Seismic Data Types Acquired:
Field, Processed
Seismic Data Classes at UTIG:
Seismic Data Types at UTIG:
doi: 10.1594/IEDA/500058 Seismic:Active:MCS:Field
doi: 10.1594/IEDA/500059 Seismic:Active:MCS:Processed
doi: 10.1594/IEDA/500060 Seismic:Active:Subbottom:Chirp
Seismic Data Set DOI(s) at UTIG:

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