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Seismic Project Information MGL1601
Crustal Reflectivity Experiment Southern Transect

This 2016 R/V Langseth collected seismic reflection and refraction data along a single flowline from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) to the Rio Grande Rise in support of the Crustal Reflectivity Experiment Southern Transect (CREST) project. 5 crossline profiles (isochrons) corresponding with the OBS lines, and 2 extra lines crossing (normal to) the ridge were also acquired. An IODP site survey, the objectives included studying the fundamental structure and evolution of oceanic crust, comparing the seismic structure versus the lithology.

Robert Reece
Gail L. Christeson
Chief Scientists:
Robert Reece (NSF 1537108)
Gail L. Christeson (NSF 1537169)
Richard Carlson (NSF 1537108)
Principal Investigators:
Texas A&M University
Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin
Data Originating Institutions:
National Science Foundation
Funding Agencies:
Unrestricted access.
Seismic Data Types Acquired:
Seismic Data Classes at UTIG:
Seismic Data Types at UTIG:
doi: 10.1594/IEDA/500255 Seismic:Active:MCS:Processed
Seismic Data Set DOI(s) at UTIG:
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