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Seismic Project Information MGL1408
Eastern North American Margin

The GeoPRISMS Eastern North American Margin Community Seismic Experiment involves the collection of an open-access onshore/offshore, active/passive seismic dataset across the Mid-Atlantic continental margin that can be used by the community to tackle a broad range of the science questions stated in the GeoPRISMS Science and Implementation Plans regarding the formation and evolution of rifted margins. The marine active-source part of this program included the acquisition of multichannel seismic reflection and wide-angle reflection/refraction data with the R/V Marcus G. Langseth and the R/V Endeavor (EN546) in September-October 2014. In addition, the airgun shots from the R/V Langseth were recorded by land seismometers as onshore/offshore seismometer (OOS) data and by broadband ocean bottom seismometers (BBOBS), deployed during survey EN537 and recovered during survey EN554. The goal was to collect data to image geological structures beneath the seafloor to learn about the evolution of continental margins and their geohazards.

Onshore/offshore seismometer (OOS) data in conventional SEG-Y format are available at this data center under Available SEG-Y Data - Field below. Broadband ocean bottom seismometer (BBOBS) data in conventional SEG-Y format are available at this data center under Available SEG-Y Data - Processed below. EN537 and EN554 cruise reports are available.

Donna Shillington
Anne Becel
Matt Hornbach
Chief Scientists:
Donna Shillington (NSF 1347498)
Anne Becel (NSF 1347498)
Matt Hornbach (NSF 1348124)
Daniel Lizarralde (NSF 1348342)
Harm Van Avendonk (NSF 1348454)
Brandon Dugan (NSF 1348228)
Maureen Long (NSF 1347310)
Steven Harder (NSF 1347024)
M. Beatrice Magnani (NSF 1348124)
James Gaherty (NSF 1347498)
Gail L. Christeson (NSF 1348454)
Paul Wiita (NSF 1348934)
Principal Investigators:
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin
College of New Jersey
Rice University
Yale University
University of Texas at El Paso
Data Originating Institutions:
National Science Foundation
Funding Agencies:
Unrestricted access.
Seismic Data Types Acquired:
Seismic Data Classes at UTIG:
Seismic Data Types at UTIG:
doi: 10.1594/IEDA/500013 Seismic:Active:MCS:Processed
doi: 10.1594/IEDA/500018 Seismic:Active:OOS
doi: 10.1594/IEDA/500110 Seismic:Active:OBS:Broadband
Seismic Data Set DOI(s) at UTIG:
Field Seismic Data Set DOI(s) at LDEO:
Other related data for this program at LDEO:

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