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Seismic Project Information MGL1212

Part of the COAST (Cascadia Open-Access Seismic Transects) project, this 2012 R/V Langseth cruise served as an open-access, open-participation 2D seismic survey of the Cascadia subduction margin off Grays Harbor, Washington, USA, collecting data that will provide background information for siting and planning any future 3D work on this part of the margin. The objectives were to image the plate boundary, to identify downdip variations in the character of subduction thrust associated with seismic rupture, to characterize the subduction interface, and to quantify pore fluid pressure, fluid budgets, and upstream inputs to the ETS zone.

W. Steven Holbrook
Graham Kent
Kathleen Keranen
Chief Scientists:
W. Steven Holbrook (NSF 1150628)
Graham Kent (NSF 1153563)
Kathleen Keranen (NSF 1147762)
H. Paul Johnson (NSF 1147841)
Anne Trehu (NSF 1149095)
Principal Investigators:
University of Wyoming
University of Nevada, Reno
University of Oklahoma
University of Washington
College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University
Data Originating Institutions:
National Science Foundation
Funding Agencies:
Unrestricted access.
MCS (636)
Seismic Data Types Acquired:
Seismic Data Classes at UTIG:
Seismic Data Types at UTIG:
doi: 10.1594/IEDA/500038 Seismic:Active:MCS:Processed
Seismic Data Set DOI(s) at UTIG:
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