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Terms of Use

The Academic Seismic Portal at UTIG is a component of the Marine Geoscience Data System. For additional information on Terms of Use, please visit the MGDS web page.

Terms and Conditions
Please exit this web site if you do not agree to the following terms.

This web site is designed principally for academic scientific use. Appropriate acknowledgment must be given to primary data contributors and to the web site. Because much of the data are legacy in nature, we make no absolute claims to accuracy of the data identification, acquisition parameters, processing methods, navigation or database entries.

Data should not be used for navigation purposes.

Data are provided with the express understanding that they will not be sold or given to third parties. Data are not provided for inclusion with other commercial databases or any web sites without prior written approval of the Director, UTIG. Downloaded data may be included within internal databases for a company and its affiliates to use.

The web site contains both public and proprietary data. Generally, access to proprietary data is by mutual agreement and depends on terms and conditions of the original acquisition project.

The U.S. government has Export Administration Regulations (EAR) that discuss exporting data to embargo countries at It is our understanding that unrestricted and limited access data meet the criteria for exclusion from these controls. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting data to determine their eligibility under U.S. Law.

Website Acknowledgments
To cite this website:
Christeson, G., Shipley, T., Gahagan, L., Johnson, K., and Davis, M., editors, Academic Seismic Portal (ASP) at UTIG. 2017. University of Texas Institute for Geophysics. URL = This page last updated: 2017-Aug-23 08:13:35.

For use of the Ridge 2000 and MARGINS Data Portals of the MGDS, an appropriate reference is:
Carbotte, S.M., R. Arko, D.N. Chayes, W. Haxby, K. Lehnert, S. O'Hara, W.B.F. Ryan, R.A. Weissel, T. Shipley, L. Gahagan, K. Johnson, T. Shank (2004), New Integrated Data Management System for Ridge2000 and MARGINS Research, Eos Trans. AGU, 85(51), 553, doi:10.1029/2004EO510002.

Partial funding support is provided by the National Science Foundation with a five-year grant (OCE-0826282) titled "Seismic Reflection Data System for Marine Geosciences II" to support additional functionality and content thru August, 2013.

For reformatting and display of seismic data, we use the processing software, SIOSEIS, (copyright University of California) created by P. Henkart at Scripps Institution of Oceanography,

Maps are produced using GMT software (Wessel, P. and W.H.F. Smith, 1998, New, improved version of the Generic Mapping Tools released, EOS. Trans. AGU, 79, 579; Smith, W.H.F. and P. Wessel, 1990, Gridding with continuous curvature splines in tension, Geophysics, 55, 293-305). Digital bathymetry and topography are from Smith and Sandwell (1997, Global sea floor topography from satellite altimetry and ship depth soundings, Science, 277, 1956-1962).

The web site uses the Apache web server, PHP hypertext preprocessor and MySQLdatabase software.

Much of the early support for the UTIG data archive was from industrial associates. Present funding continues from the Institute for Geophysics.