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BSR Nankai ew9907

Contribute Data

We want to include National Science Foundation supported project data here.

We are also interested in including any non-NSF data that you may have as long as it is in the public-domain and may be of general interest for education and research. We do have limited resources.

We need both the descriptive information (metadata) and the seismic data. We do not archive data without metadata. We have experience and resources to create ISO 'standard' cruise-level metadata and seismic metadata. We do most of the work, making it relatively easy on data contributors.

The miminum requirements are:
-unrestricted access to the navigation and small raster image (about 300 x 600 pixels)
-file format is SEG-Y (we can help with this)
-information relating geographic location to the traces in the file (this is often a big part of what we create)

We also need basic descriptive information (metadata) about acquisition, navigation geometry, processing sequence and provenance (and pass some of our consistency tests). The submitted metadata is naturally highly variable but could include cruise reports, processing reports, important citations, etc.

Please contact us for more information.