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UTIG Brown Bag Seminars - Archive

These informal talks are intended as updates on recent research/activities of UTIG scientists and students. Talks are held in the UTIG seminar room (see bottom of page for address). The talks should last approximately 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for discussion.

Don't forget to bring a lunch!

Fall 2016



Topic/Title of Talk

Sept. 7 Adam Papendieck, Writer-In-Residence, Jackson School of Geosciences Science and Social Scholarship: Why scientists use social media and how to do it well
Sept. 14 Jud Partin, UTIG research associate My Tales from Remote Islands in the South Pacific
Sept. 21 Feras Habbal, UTIG Postdoctoral Fellow Dynamic changes underway in East Antarctica: recent observations and paths toward fully coupled ice-ocean modeling
Sept. 28 Chenglin Gong, JSG Postdoctoral Fellow Asymmetrical, m-scale upstream-migrating cyclic step bedforms in marine settings (Fish Creek–Vallecito Basin, early Pliocene, Southern California)
Oct. 12 Lukas Fuchs, UTIG Postdoctoral Fellow Deformation modelling in different tectonic scales: From salt basins to plate tectonics
Oct. 19 Chastity Aiken, UTIG Postdoctoral Fellow Testing for "predictability" of dynamically triggered earthquakes in Geysers Geothermal Field
Oct. 26 John Snedden, UTIG Senior Research Scientist Source to Sink Analysis for Prediction of Deep-water Submarine Fan Location: Practical Application to the Paleogene of USA and Mexico
Nov. 2 Enrica Quartini, UTIG Graduate Research Assistant West Antarctica: Hot or Cold?
Nov. 9 Maike Sonnewald, Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Linear Predictability: A sea level case study

Spring 2016



Topic/Title of Talk

20 Jan Dr. David K Arctur, UT Research Scientist and Fellow Science Helping the Data to Help the Science
27 Jan Adam Papendieck, Jackson School of Geosciences Technical Communications Specialist Navigating Landscapes of Scientific Practice: The Importance of Effective Communicators in the Geosciences
Live Link
03 Feb Kaustubh Thirumalai, UTIG graduate research assistan Sojourn to South India — Tales of Cockroaches and Stalagmites
17 Feb Steve Philips, UTIG postdoctoral fellow Unraveling Depositional and Diagenetic Signals in Magnetic Susceptibility in Ocean Drilling Records
24 Feb Bud Davis, UTIG graduate research assistant Flavors of Rifting: Insights from the Margins of East Gondwana
02 Mar John Swartz, UTIG graduate research assistant Adventuring in the Gulf of Mexico: A New Look at the Rio Grande Fan
09 Mar Jamie Austin, John Goff, Steffen Saustrup, and Marcy Davis Israel, 2015: Continuing the UTIG-University of Haifa Study of the Margin Offshore the Roman City of Caesarea - and a Look Around a Fascinating Countryside
23 Mar Gail Christeson and Stacey Worman CREST: Crustal Reflectivity Experiment Southern Transect
30 Mar Wei Gong, UTIG graduate research assistant Surrogate-based Multi-Objective Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification Methods for Large, Complex Geophysical Models
13 April Nicholas W. Hayman, UTIG Research Scientist Some Thoughts and Observations About Mudrocks
27 April Natasha Sekhon, UTIG graduate research assistant Multidecadal Rainfall Variability in the South Pacific Convergence Zone (SPCZ) Using the Geochemistry of Stalagmites From the Solomon Islands
4 May Mason Fried, UTIG graduate research assistant TBD
11 May Marie Cavitte, UTIG graduate research assistant TBD
18 May Pedro DiNexio, UTIG Research Scientist TBD

Fall 2015



Topic/Title of Talk

09 Sep Kathy Ellins, UTIG "Making Case for Geoscience Education Research: Value and Opportunities"
16 Sep Lucas Beem, UTIG "Subglacial Lake Drainage and Modification to Whillans Ice Stream Stick-slip Cycle"
23 Sep Mark Collins, UTIG "Science and Journalism: Connecting with the Layperson"
30 Sep Laura Lindzey, UTIG "Robots for Science"
07 Oct Michael Erb, UTIG "Impacts of orbital, greenhouse gas, and ice sheet variations on Quaternary climate"
15 Oct -- Thursday Sarah Zedler, UTIG "Observational Tests of an Ocean Turbulence Model"
21 Oct Susan Ellis, GNS Science New Zealand "Long-term evolution and megathrust mechanics of the Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand"
28 Oct no brownbag  
04 Nov Jake Walter, UTIG "Interplate coupling at the shallowest subduction interface: What we know and what we want to know from the Western Solomons Islands"
11 Nov No brownbag Wilderness First Aid/CPR training
18 Nov Stacey Worman, UTIG Global Rates of Free Hydrogen (H2) Production by Serpentinization and other Abiogenic Processes within Young Ocean Crust
25 Nov No brownbag  
02 Dec Chris Lowery, UTIG  
09 Dec Marc Andre Gutscher, IFREMER, France  

Spring 2015



Topic/Title of Talk

28 Jan Ian Dalziel, Larry Lawver and the Shipboard Party of RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer Cruise 1408 The South Georgia Microcontinent: Mountains, Critturs and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
4 Feb Tieyuan Zhu, JSG Real-time seismic monitoring of CO2 sequestration in Frio site, Texas
11 Feb Dan Stanzione,
Executive Director of TACC
Research Computing Ecosystem at Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)
18 Feb Enrica Quartini, UTIG Science Olympiads: Did you know...?
25 Feb Denis Felikson
UTIG & Aerospace Engineering
Variability in Greenland tidewater glacier thinning (or thickening!) over the past 30 years
4 Mar Stefano Nerozzi, UTIG The polar caps of Mars: A history of observations and discoveries
11 Mar Kehua You, UTIG Hydrate formation in Gas-rich Environments
18 Mar Professor John F. Dewey, The Natural History Museum, London U.K. and University College, Oxford University The Secular Tectonic History of the Earth
25 Mar Kaustubh Thirumalai, UTIG IODP Exp. 353 Monsoon: Sunsets & Sediments
1 Apr Cyril Grima, UTIG How to carefully operate a radar in the space environment of Europa?
8 Apr Prof. Anna Wåhlin, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden Turbulence and mixing in buoyancy-driven plumes in polar oceans
15 Apr Annie Hanna, UTIG Reconstructing Late Holocene Arctic climate change using high resolution sediment records from Simpson Lagoon, AK and the Colville River alluvial valley
22 Apr Nick Dygert, JSG Experimental constraints on the dynamic evolution of the lunar mantle
29 Apr Liz Logan, UTIG Dynamics of Ice Failure
6 May Jonathan Major, BEG The Previously Unknown Seismic History of Eastern Indonesia: What 400 Years of Dutch Colonial Records Reveal

Fall 2014



Topic/Title of Talk

27 Aug Xavier Janson, Charles Kerans, and Chris Zahm - UTIG, BEG Tectono-stratigraphy of the SW Bahamas Bank and Santaren Channel area using the first ever 3D seismic in the Bahamas
03 Sep Fausto Ferraccioli - British Antarctic Survey Ghost mountains in East Antarctica- an open or a shut case?
10 Sep Chad Greene - UTIG Antarctic Mapping Tools for Matlab
17 Sep Stefano Nerozzi - UTIG Is there any ice under that nice glacier-like rock pile?
24 Sep -- No talk -- -- No talk --
01 Oct Sebastian Ramirez Trying to understand how a forearc basin forms: an example from SW Japan
08 Oct Gail Christeson - UTIG IODP Expedition 352 - Izu-Bonin-Mariana Forearc Drilling
15 Oct Jacqueline Reber - UTIG  
22 Oct Joe MacGregor - UTIG The Greenland Ice Sheet in Three Dimensions
29 Oct    
05 Nov Eric Petersen - UTIG Debris-Covered Glaciers on Mars: What's the Story There?
12 Nov Mário Araújo - Petrobras S.A. What we see and what the models say about extensional style, crustal thinning and hyper-extension in the Conjugated Margins of South Atlantic
19 Nov Ian Dalziel and Jamie Austin - UTIG Australia: Alien Geoscientists Traverse a Very Ancient World
03 Dec Katherine Ellins - UTIG The Link Between Geoscience and Art

Spring 2014



Topic/Title of Talk

05 Feb Shannon Loomis, DGS High-elevation amplification of warming since the Last Glacial Maximum in East Africa: New perspectives from biomarker paleotemperature reconstructions
12 Feb Ian Dalziel, UTIG Searching for the Andes
19 Feb Jake Walter, UTIG Slow slip and megathrust earthquakes: diverse fault slip behaviors observed at the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
26 Feb Shuping Chen, DGS Tectonic evolution and extensional folding in Dongpu sag, Bohai bay basin, China
12 Mar Zhigang Peng, Georgia Tech
(Spring Break)
Earthquake interaction from near field to long-range distance
19 Mar Bud Davis, UTIG Mesozoic Indian Ocean Plate Models and Insight into the Breakup of India and Antarctica
26 Mar Kimberly Gilbert, DGS Brine Geochemistry and its Impacts on CO2 Solubility and Dissolution Kinetics: a Laboratory Investigation Simulating Geological Carbon Sequestration Reservoir Conditions
02 Apr Michael Toomey, DGS From Hotspot to Atoll: Evolution of Coral Reef Form
09 Apr Becky Bell, Imperial College Next-generation seismic experiments: wide-angle, multi-azimuth, three-dimensional, full-waveform inversion
16 Apr Joe Levy, UTIG How much ice is there on Mars, really?
23 Apr Sean Gulick, Steffen Saustrup, Rodrigo Fernandez-Vasquez, Bruce Frede rick, David Gwyther - UTIG The Not Totten Expedition in East Antarctica: Exploration, Icebergs, and Penguins
30 Apr Stuart Henrys, GNS Science (New Zealand)  

Fall 2013



Topic/Title of Talk

18 Sep  Logan West  Polar Longhorns: Recap & Highlights From the Inaugural SvalexUS Arctic Expedition
25 Sep  Sean Gulick  Younger and faster: Studying tectonic-glacial climate interactions with a drill bit
16 Oct  John Goff  Yucking it up in the Yucatan: Site survey for the Chicxulub impact crater drilling
30 Oct  Yosio Nakamura  What happened to the Apollo data? — the lesson we are learning
13 Nov  John Sneddon   The Gulf of Mexico Basin: New Science and Emerging/Re-emerging Deepwater Plays
27 Nov  Lauren Andrews  Fieldwork in Greenland

Spring 2013



Topic/Title of Talk

Academia Bizarro Episode

30 Jan Kaustubh Thirumalai (UTIG) Introducing: Academia Bizarro Episode 1
06 Feb Noel Bartlow (Stanford) Investigations of slow slip and tremor in Cascadia, Hikurangi, and the laboratory Episode 2
13 Feb Sarah Zedler (UTIG) Deconstructing Forward Problems: Inverse Solutions Episode 3
13 Mar Spring Break
20 Mar Chad Greene Bubbles and acoustics: An introduction to physical concepts in underwater sound Wildflower Wander!
27 Mar Randall Marrett (DGS) Radial Decay of Coseismic Displacement Amplitudes from Thrust Earthquakes Episode 4
10 Apr C Browne, JA Austin, S Saustrup, JA Goff (UTIG) Superstorm Sandy and its sedimentary impact


17 Apr Marcia McNutt (Former Director, USGS & Editor-in-Chief, Science) How Washington Works: A Former Insider's Guide to Navigating our Nation's Capital Episode 5
01 May Kevin Befus (DGS) Groundwater-surface water interactions revealed by geoelectrical surveys


08 May Kathy Ellins (UTIG) EarthLabs and DIG Texas Academia Bizarro Recap
15 May Lada Dimitrova (UTIG) Revealing hidden deformation sources in New Zealand: A novel inversion of GPS data for non-prescriptive physics-based surface forces and high precision strain rates  

Fall 2012



Title of Talk

05 Sep Lorena Moscardelli Terrestrial deep-water erosional remnants and polygonal fault systems as potential analogs for Martian teardrop-shaped islands and large-scale polygonal terrains on the Northern Plains
12 Sep Bridget Scanlon Buffering capacity of groundwater for droughts: examples from US High Plains and Central Valley
19 Sep Patrick Fulton The Japan Trench Fast Drilling Project (JFAST): Investigating the source of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake and tsunami
26 Sep Moshen Ahmadian Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC)
03 Oct Gail Christeson Yakutat Terrane Accretion, Southern Alaska
10 Oct Sean Gulick, Maurine LeVoir, Steffen Saustrup 1899 Earthquake Faults in Yakutat Bay, Alaska
17 Oct Lada Dimitrova 4 billion years of tectonic history on Mars
24 Oct No Brown Bag No Brown Bag
31 Oct Ian Norton & Larry Lawver The Panamint Allochthon, Death Valley: a detached point of view
07 Nov Kaustubh Thirumalai & Fred Taylor Vonunu!: Earthquakes in the Western Solomon Islands
14 Nov Deborah Khider Hydrographic variability in the Indonesian Seas during the Common Era
21 Nov No Brown Bag Thanksgiving Break
28 Nov Sean Gulick, Rodrigo Fernandez-Vasquez, Brian Horton, Steffen Saustrup Exploring research opportunities in the Patagonian Andes from land to sea: faulting, uplift, glaciers and other adventures
05 Dec No Brown Bag AGU

Spring 2012



Title of Talk

08 Feb Nick Hayman Nankai margin from grain to plate scale
15 Feb Krista Soderlund Investigating planetary interiors through convection and dynamo modeling
22 Feb Joe MacGregor The role of acids in electrical conduction through ice
29 Feb Jamie Austin and Steffen Saustrup How we spent part of our summer vacation: chirp profiling off an Israeli beach and a Roman city
07 Mar Bobby Reece and Maureen LeVoir
Summer in Alaska: expanding the US marine frontier
14 Mar No Brownbag Spring Break
21 Mar Liz Logan Observations and modeling grounding line fractures in Siple Coast, Antarctica
28 Mar Rui Zhang Time lapse seismic inversion for CO2 sequestration at Cranfield, Mississippi
04 Apr Isaac Smith The north polar troughs of Mars as aeolian cyclic steps
11 Apr Kenni Denisen Petersen Numerical modelling of continental rifting and small-scale convection
18 Apr Drew Eddy Shear-wave velocity structure of the Newfoundland margin transition zone: Implications for magma-poor rifting
25 Apr Eunseo Choi Constraining normal fault strength from the presence and geometry of rider blocks
02 May John Snedden The Gulf of Mexico Basin: A natural laboratory of sedimentary processes

Fall 2011



Title of Talk

07 Sep Rocio Bernal Olaya Evolution of a forearc basin in a flat-slab subduction setting, Lower Magdalena basin, Colombia
14 Sep Sasha Carter Antarctica's evolving subglacial water systems
21 Sep John Shaw Wax Lake Delta Update
28 Sep Isaac Smith Recent Visit to Alaska: Denali, Permafrost Tunnel, Picking Wild Blueberries on Bear Mountain
05 Oct Joe McGregor Four decades of progressive ice-shelf disintegration in the Amundsen Sea Embayment of West Antarctica
12 Oct Patrick Fulton
Insights into tsunamigenic earthquakes from frictional heat signatures: results from Nankai and rapid response plans following the Mw 9.0 Tohoku Earthquake
19 Oct No Brownbag Brownbag holiday
26 Oct Danny Stockli Recent Advances in Detrital Zircon Dating
02 Nov Shannon Cavanaugh and Steven Graf Preliminary AVO and BSR studies from 3D seismic survey of the Costa Rican subduction zone
09 Nov Jud Partin and Fred Taylor Speleothem Dating
16 Nov No Brownbag Postponed until Next Semester
23 Nov No Brownbag Thanksgiving Break
30 Nov No Brownbag Postponed until Next Semester
07 Dec No Brownbag Fall AGU

Spring 2011


Title of Talk

Feb. 02 Eh Tan Dynamical models of thermo-chemical piles at the lower most mantle
Feb. 09 John Hooker Geologic Fracture Scaling
Feb. 16 Gail Christeson, Harm, Steffen, and Drew GUMBO Cruise
Feb. 23 Guest Speaker - David Sutherland What controls ocean heat transport in the Sermilik-Helheim fjord-glacier system in southeastern Greenland?

Live Broadcast

Mar. 02 Mike Ramirez Site Assessment for the Viability of Large Freshwater and Sediment Diversion Projects in the Lower Mississippi River
Mar. 09 Rocio Bernal Olaya, Henry Campos, and Tricia Alvarez
Neotectonics of Arc-Continent Collision. Report on a GSA Penrose Meeting, January 2011. Manizales, Colombia.
Mar. 16 (Spring Break)  
Mar. 23 Guest Speaker - Aron Meltzner Megathrust and Sea-Level History of the Sumatra Region from Coral Microatolls
Mar. 30 Guest Speaker - Sonja Spasojevic Dynamic models of creation and evolution of sedimentary basins
Apr. 06 Lawrence Lawver South American mammals - how did they get there? Or what vertebrate paleontologists can teach plate tectonic folk [and vice-versa]
Apr. 13 Kathy Ellins Diversity and Innovation in the Geosciences: DIG Texas
Apr. 20 Jason Gulley Glacier Hydrology
Apr. 27 Dallas Dunlap Seismic Architecture and Morphology of Mesozoic-Age Sediment Waves Offshore Morocco
May 4th Jud Partin Tales from the western tropical Pacific: Search for the "Golden" Samples

Fall 2010



Title of Talk

Sep. 01

Sean Gulick/John Goff

Marine geophysical reconnaissance of Hubbar Glacier and Russel Fiord: How we learned to joust with bergy bits and growlers

Sep. 08

Gail Christeson

2D Waveform Inversion of Ocean Crust MCS Data: Preliminary Results

Sep. 15

Julia Schneider

Making Synthetic Mudrocks in the Geomechanics Lab

Sep. 22

Nick Hayman

Rift to drift at the extremes: A scientific travel-log from Tierra del Fuego to the Caribbean, and black smokers in the Abyss

Sep. 29

 Kirk McIntosh/Steffen Saustrup

In search of active faulting in mid-continent North America: seismic reflection surveying on the Mississippi River

Oct. 06

Harm van Avendonk

A seismic refraction study of the Cocos plate offshore Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Oct. 13

Luc Lavier

Localization processes in ductile shear zones: Implication for slow slip

Oct. 20

Britney Schmidt

Ice and the Asteroid Belt

Oct. 27

Mead Allison

Seeking a sediment record of recent Arctic climate change from the Colville Delta, Beaufort Sea

Nov. 03

Brian Horton

CAUGHT: Central Andean Uplift and the Geodynamics of High Topography

Nov. 10

Cathy Busby

Birth of a Plate Boundary

Nov. 17

Nov. 24

Paul Mann

Scenery and geology of Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, Cappadocia, the Bosphorus, southern Maine, and the Rio Grande rift

Dec. 01

Jamie Austin

Bringing the Excitement of Deep Ocean Exploration to a Classroom with No Ocean in Sight – the E/V Nautilus Investigates the Israel Continental Margin

Dec. 08

Hilary Olson

Partnering with Science, Education, Outreach and Policy Experts to Increase Scientific Literacy in America

Spring 2010



Title/Topic of Talk

Jan. 20



Jan. 27



Feb. 03



Feb. 10



Feb. 17

 Kathy Ellins

TXESS Revolution: A Progress Report

Feb. 24

 Nathan Downey

 Dynamics of a Taiwan-Like Orogeny

Mar. 03

 Lindsey Lowe-Worthington

New Geophysical Parameters for Understanding the Evolution of the St. Elias Orogeny, Southern Alaska

Mar. 10

 Cliff Frohlich

Speculations about the Origins of Shallow and Deep Moonquakes

Mar. 17



Mar. 24

 Paul Mann

The 2010 Haiti Earthquake: When Science and Society Intersect

Mar. 31

Yao You

Pore Pressure Evolution and Its Control on Erosion Rate Breaching

Apr. 7

Derek Sawyer

Lithologic Controls on Subaqueous Mud Flow Dynamics and Deposits

Apr. 14

Craig Fulthrope

Canterbury Tales: IODP Expedition 317, Canterbury Basin, New Zealand

Apr. 21

Sean Gulick

Offshore Rapid Response to January 12 Earthquake in Haiti: Search for Coseismic Evidence

Apr. 28

Isaac Smith

Martian Spiral Troughs on the Northern Ice Cap and Links to Climate

May 5

Ian Dalziel

The Polar Earth Observing Network - POLENET

May 12

Amanda Baker

Strain Rate Due to Cracking in the Northern Chilean Forearc

Fall 2009



Title/Topic of Talk

Sept. 16

Nicholas Hayman

 Fresh off the boat: 70 meters of core from below a forearc basin courtesy of NantroSEIZE Expedition 319

Oct. 7

Jennifer Glidewell

The Geology of Offshore West-Central Greenland: Insights from a Geophysical Survey

Oct. 14

** Canceled **


Oct. 21

Doug Ratcliff

GeoFORCE:  Looking for Einsteins in Unique Places

Nov. 4

Carrie Whitehill

Bare-Earth mapping of the active Pacific-North American plate margin: How to get your hands on Free Hi-Res LiDAR data!

Nov. 11

** Postponed **


Nov. 18

Ryan Lester, Dan Eakin, Kirk McIntosh

Recent Taiwan Cruise

Spring 2009



Title/Topic of Talk

Feb. 25

Andy Hemmings,
Texas Archeological Research Laboratory

The Early Human Occupation of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico: Why the Paleoindians were replaced by Grouper

Mar. 04



Mar. 11

 Jamin Greenbaum, Dusty Schroeder, Isaac Smith

 Will Work For Food, Fuel, and a Groomed Ski-way: ICECAP Season 1

Mar. 18

Spring Break


Mar. 25 @ 2pm

 Rob van der Hilst
MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

 Multiscale Seismic Imaging of Earth's Interior
(Note special time, snacks will be provided)

Apr. 01



Apr. 08



Apr. 15

 BEG Industry Day

No UTIG Brownbag

Apr. 22



Apr. 29



May 06



Fall 2008



Title/Topic of Talk

Aug. 27



Sept. 03

Harm van Avendonk

High-frequency seismic reflections from the slab-interface between the Cocos plate and the mantle wedge beneath Costa Rica

Sept. 10



Sept. 17

Ian Norton

Uplift of the Cyrenaica Peninsula, Libya as a consequence of the Messinian desiccation event

Sept. 24

Nicholas Hayman

Internal Structure of the Atlantis Massif, Mid-Atlantic Ridge (& some discussion about Oceanic Core Complexes worldwide)

Oct. 01

Cliff Frohlich

Deep Focus Earthquake

Oct. 08

No Brownbag (GSA Meeting)


Oct. 15

Tuesday Oct. 21 (BEG main conference room)

Sean Gulick and Jamie Austin

Surveying Crustal Structure Beneath the 2004 Sumatran Great Earthquake Rupture Area off Indonesia

Tuesday Oct. 28

Students: Hilary Strong, Eric Anderson, Ryan Elmore, and Lindsay Worthington

Marine Geology and Geophysics Field Course

Nov. 05

Randy Keller (Univ. of Oklahoma)

A geophysical view of the East African rift from Ethiopia southward

Tuesday Nov. 11

Students: Bobby Reece & Lindsay Worthington

STEEP Cruise

Nov. 19

John Goff and Mead Allison

Rapid Response to Galveston Following Hurricane Ike

Nov. 26



Dec. 03 (1pm-2pm)

Students (Hilary Strong, Stanley Stackhouse, Will Burnett, Yao You)

Summer Internships in the Oil Industry

Dec. 10



Dec. 17

AGU Fall Meeting


Spring 2008



Title/Topic of Talk

Jan. 16

“Faces of Earth” Discovery Channel Series - Free Pizza!

Episode 1:  “Building the Planet” featuring three JSG scientists.

Jan. 23

“Faces of Earth” Discovery Channel Series

Episode 2:  “Shaping the Planet”

Jan. 30

“Faces of Earth” Discovery Channel Series

Episode 3:  “Assembling America

Feb. 6

Holly Vinall
DGS/UTIG prospective graduate student
International/Regional Assessment Department of Nexen Calgary

“The assessment of world petroleum systems through ArcGIS Play Fairway Mapping”

Feb. 13

Rebecca Boon
DGS and Geography Departments
Hydrology undergraduate student

“The Curacao Megaslide Project: Adventures of a UTIG field team”

Feb. 21

Will King
DGS Department

“Jamaican Tectonics: Integrating GPS, Geomorphology, and Gravity”

Feb. 27

Jack Holt, Ph.D.
UTIG Research Scientist

“Radar sounding of ice on Mars:  My experience on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Science Team”

Mar. 05

No Brownbag

No Brownbag

Mar. 12

Spring Break (No brownbag)

No Brownbag

Mar. 19

Yasuyuki Saito
Taichi Kawamura
University of Tokyo and Institute of Space and
Astronautical Science ISAS, Japan

“Re-analysis of the Apollo Heat Flow Experiment data including previously unanalyzed data”


“The Lunar Surface Gravimeter as a lunar seismograph”

Mar. 26

No Brownbag

No Brownbag

Apr. 02

Candidate talks instead of Brownbag

No Brownbag

Apr. 09

Matthew Hornbach, Ph.D.
UTIG Research Associate

Unraveling the Source of Large Erratic Boulders on Tonga: Implications for Geohazards and Mega-Tsunamis

Apr. 16

Duncan Young, Ph.D.
UTIG Research Science Associate V

A regional look beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet using airborne radar sounding

Apr. 23



Apr. 30

UTIG Fellowship Talks

Ryan Elmore, Jamin Greenbaum, Stanley Stackhouse, and Hilary Strong

Fall 2007



Title/Topic of Talk

Aug. 08

Steve Stevenoski
High School Science Teacher
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

What High School Teachers and Research Scientists Can Do To Connect Students To Science and To UTIG

Sept. 05

Sean Gulick
UTIG Research Scientist
Marine Geology and Geophysics

One Rock to Change the World: The Story of the Chicxulub Impact Crater

Sept. 12

Luc Lavier
UTIG Research Scientist

Finding the Physical Evidence (rocks) for model predictions in the Pyrenees and the Alps

Sept. 19

Sasha Peter Carter
UTIG PhD Candidate

Finding sub-ice lakes in East Antarctica using surface anomalies and hydraulic potential

Sept. 26

Charles Jackson
UTIG Research Scientist
and Shaoping Lu
UTIG/Physics PhD Candidate

An Introduction to Abrupt Climate Change

Oct. 03

Katherine Ellins
UTIG Geoscience Education Program Manager

Would you like to be a part of the TXESS Revolution?

Oct. 10

John Goff
UTIG Senior Research Scientist
Marine Geology and Geophysics

Vibracoring expedition to the New Jersey shelf:  Investigating the stratigraphic response to ~50,000 years of eustacy

Oct. 17

Marcy Davis
UTIG Research Scientist Associate II

Bathymetric Mapping for Law of the Sea and other Arctic goings-on:  HLY0703

Oct. 24

Bradley Opdyke
Department of Earth and Marine Sciences
Australian National University
Canberra, Australia

Discovering Paleotemperatures and Carbonate saturation state through Laser ablation ICP-MS of Planktonic Foraminifera

Oct. 31

Nathan Bangs
UTIG Senior Research Scientist
Marine Seismology

The mega-splay fault in the Nankai Trough subduction zone interpreted from 3D  seismic images

Nov. 07

Rosemary Came 
Postdoctoral Fellow
California Institute of Technology
Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences

 The link between abrupt climate change and intermediate depth ocean circulation

Nov. 14



Nov. 21



Nov. 28



Dec. 05

Beth Christensen
UTIG Visiting Scientist
Adelphi University


 African Paleoclimate and Hominid Evolution

Will be held in 2nd floor UTIG conference room (2.201)
AND @ 2:00 pm rather than at noon.

Spring 2007



Title/Topic of Talk

Feb. 28

Dr. Ken Ridgeway
Professor at Purdue University

Neogene basin development and deformation along the southern Alaska convergent margin

Mar. 07

Jamin Greenbaum
PhD student

Fabricating Satellites at UT - Implications for UTIG

Mar. 14

Spring Break


Mar. 21

Jamie Austin
UTIG Senior Research Scientist

South Pacific- The expedition, not the musical

Mar. 28

David Contreras
UT graduate student

Regional structural and stratigraphic implications on Gas potential in the northwestern Eocene Maracaibo foreland basin. Eastern Venezuela

Apr. 04



Apr. 11



Apr. 18

Theresa Diehl
UT graduate student

Geoarchaeology in Greece and Egypt: Earth History's Impact on Ancient Human History

Apr. 25



May 02

Yongsheng Xu, UTIG Postdoc Fellow

Wind stress dependence on ocean surface velocity: implications for the study of ocean dynamics

May 10,

Eleine Vence, graduate student

Along-Strike Continuity of Caribbean-Tectonic Terranes and Their Controls on Source Rocks Offshore Colombia & Venezuela

Fall 2006



Title/Topic of Talk

Sept. 13

Lindsay Lowe

Alaska field work

11:30 a.m.
Sept. 20

Kevin Bain, Russell Young, Chase Asher, and Matt McDonald

Arctic Exploration: USCGC Healy Cruise HLY0602

Sept. 27

Ginny Catania

Spring in Greenland: How I learned to stop worrying and love global warming

October 4

Paul Mann

Scenery and Tectonics of Spain

October 11

Brian Arbic

Teaching Science with the Peace Corps in Africa

October 18

Fausto Ferraccioli

Recent Airborne Geophysics Exploration of the British Antarctic Survey

October 25

Ian Dalziel

The West Antarctic GPS Network (WAGN): Measuring Motion in the Bedrock of the Antarctic Ice Cap

November 1

No seminar this week


November 8

Rob Scott

How North Atlantic Warming is affecting Hurricane Activity

November 15

Natasha Putnam

Education and Outreach in the Earth Sciences

November 22



November 29

Dr. Andria Bilich

High-rate GPS as a tool for seismology

December 6

Hamed El-Mowafy


Spring 2006



Title/Topic of Talk

May 2, 2006

Lisa Bingham (1st 1/2) and
Hunter Danque (2nd 1/2)

Lisa- Maya Ceramic Study
Hunter- Volcano and Ice Sheet Interactions

Apr. 18, 2006

Margaret Kroehler

Tectonic history of the Caribbean plate as preserved in the sequence stratigraphy of the Venezuelan basin and South Caribbean deformed belt

Apr. 11, 2006

Clark Wilson

JSG's New Superconducting Sensor Relative Gravity Meter

Apr. 4, 2006



Mar. 28, 2006

Brian Arbic

Climatic Warming of Atlantic Ocean Waters

Mar. 21, 2006

Justin Funk

The JSG NicLakes project: A high-resolution geophysical survey and coring study of the two largest lakes in Central America

Mar. 14, 2006

No Talk

Due to Spring Break

Mar. 7, 2006

Srinivas Bettadpur

Opportunituies with the GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) Satellite

Feb. 28, 2006


Cancelled due to conflict with "topping out" ceremony for new building construction

Feb. 21, 2006

Dan Sinclair

A filthy time in tropical paradise!

- A thrilling exposition of remarkable adventures caving amidst the savage wilds of darkest Oceania in the dying days of 2005.

Feb. 14, 2006

Yi Deng

Has it Ever Rained Cats and Dogs in a Climate Model?

Feb. 7, 2006



Jan. 31, 2006

Jay Pulliam and Matt Hornbach

Galavanting Around the Gulf of Guinea: A Seismic Survey of Sao Tome

Jan. 24, 2006

Harm Van Avendonk

Land refraction data acquisition in Costa Rica

Fall 2005



Title/Topic of Talk

Sept. 06, 2005

Marcy Davis

Moonlighting in the Volunteer State: The Making of 'Roadside Geology of Tennessee'

Sept. 13, 2005

Jamie Austin and Steffen Saustrup

Cruise off the Thailand Coast- Tsunami Research

Sept. 20, 2005

Duncan Young

Rusalka Planitia, Venus: Tectonic Architecture and Temporal Ambiguities

Sept. 27, 2005

Kathy Ellins

Educational and Public Outreach- New Directions and Opportunities that you should know about

Oct. 4, 2005

Kirk McIntosh, Craig Fulthorpe, and Jason Stephens

Recent Fieldwork Offshore Nicaragua and Costa Rica: Effects of Eustatic and Tectonic Forcing on Development of Forearc Basin Sequence Stratigraphy

Oct. 11, 2005

Rob Scott

Are Katrina and Rita the Writing on the Wall -- What do Climate Scientists Say about Hurricanes and Global Warming?

Oct. 18, 2005

Sean Gulick

High-Res Surveying and Coring in Southeast Alaskan Glacial Fjords and Shelf Sediments: Great Data and Beautiful Views!

Oct. 25, 2005

Paul Mann

Structural Comparison of the Canadian Rockies and the Solomon Islands, SW Pacific

Nov. 1, 2005

Cliff Frohlich

Some Remarkable Earthquakes, Past and Future; Especially, the 1 November 1755 Lisbon Earthquake

Nov. 8, 2005

Christina Holland

Budding Scientists: Working with 5th Graders as part of the GK-12 Program at the University of South Florida

Nov. 15, 2005

Sasha Carter

Subglacial Lakes and Airborne Radar Sounding: A Code for Detecting Deep Water

Nov. 22, 2005

Martin Hanzlik

Late Quaternary Sea Level History of Western Puerto Rico Inferred from High Resolution Seismic Lines

Nov. 29, 2005

Yosio Nakamura

Moonquakes: Who said the moon was dead?