Thorsten W. Becker

Jackson School of Geosciences
The University of Texas at Austin

Teaching and Mentoring

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teaching: UT GEOL: [303], [371]; other classes
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My teaching interests include Natural Hazards, Planetary Evolution, Geophysics, Geodynamics, Seismology, Deep Earth Dynamics, Quantitative Methods including Inverse Theory, Numerical Modeling, and the Solid Earth Research and Teaching Environment (SEATREE) (part of UGESCE).

Teaching at UT (GEOL codes)

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Classes taught at USC (GEOL codes)

Summer schools and short courses

Computing and scientific visualization in the Earth Sciences

Community and outreach activities

  • Guest lecturer, Computer Science and Modeling of Earth Systems Cate School, Carpenteria, November 2014.
  • Leader for "Michael Heizer: Actual Size, Gallery Walkthrough" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, September 2012.
  • Meeting of Young Researchers in the Earth Sciences (MYRES)
    I used to be involved with getting the Meeting of Young Researchers in the Earth Sciences (MYRES) off the ground.

Mentoring and Training

  • Advising (superscript numerals refer to joint publication)
    • Summer undergraduate interns:
      • At UT Austin: Dorothy Linnemann (2017, Scripps College, with Lavier)
      • At USC: Fabienne Stockmann (2014, Münster University), Simon Schneider (2013, Münster University), Kevin Milner35 (2008, USC), Jared Sain35 (2008, USC), Hannah Waterhouse35 (2008, Bryn Mawr College), and Katrin Plenkers (2005, Karlsruhe).
    • Undergraduate advisees:
      • At UT Austin: Zel Hurewitz (BSc 2019, Physics; grad school SIO)
      • At USC: Bradford Foley41 (BSc 2008; Assistant Professor, Penn State)
    • MSc students:
      • At UT Austin: Kunpeng Liao (MSc 2018; CGG)
      • At USC: Zi-Yu Wu (MSc 2010; Guosen Securities) and Claire Steedman32 (MSc 2006; Iris Environmental)
    • PhD students:
      • Supervised:
        • current: Erin Heilman (2018 -), Simone Puel (2018 -), Wanying Wang125 (2016-), Alexandra Lachner (2019-, co-advisor), Ethan Conrad (2019 -, co-advisor)
        • At USC:
          • Adam Holt87,89,90,92,105-107,113,115 (PhD 2016; Assistant Professor, U Miami)
          • Michael Kaplan (PhD 2015; post-doc, Duke)
          • Mélanie Gérault62,121 (PhD 2014; post-doc, MIT)
          • Thomas Goebel61, 69, 75, 77, 80, 111 (PhD 2013; Assistant Professor, U Oklahoma)
          • Lisa Alpert51,63,73 (PhD 2012; Aera Energy Llc.)
          • Iain Bailey38,47,51,63 (PhD 2009; Swiss Re).
      • Committee member:
        • At UT Austin: Keith Minor (external chair, 2019 -), Yanyao Zhang (2018-), Kristina Butler (external chair, 2018-), Chang Lu (2018-), Brandon Schuck (2018-), Chujie Liu (2017-), Lily R. Serach (external chair, 2017-), Brooklyn Gose (2017-), Peter Nelson (2017-).
        • At USC: Jessica Stellman93 (2014-), William Schmidt (2015-2016), Xinjiang Xiang (2015), Xin Song (2014-2015), Xin Liu (2014-2015), Beth Paulson (2014-2016), Chris Milliner (2013-2015), Haoran Xia (2013-2015), Francoix Cadieux (PhD 2015), Feng Wang (PhD 2013), Prabu Sellappan (PhD 2013), Whitney Behr (PhD 2011), Zheqiang Shi (PhD 2008), Adam Fischer (PhD 2008), Jeremy Zechar (PhD 2008).
    • External PhD reviewer: Angela Maria Gomez Garcia (U Medellin, 2016), Juliane Dannberg (GFZ Potsdam, 2016), Raquibul Hassan (U Sydney, 2016), Rene Gassmöller (GFZ Potsdam, 2014), and Sabin Zahirovic (U Sydney, 2014).
    • Member of the Board, International Graduate School, Department of Earth Sciences, Universita di Roma TRE, 2014 -.
    • Post-docs:
      • Rob Porritt88,100,124 (2017-2019; researcher UT Austin).
      • Matt Weller122 (2016-2019; post-doc, Brown)
      • Lukas Fuchs122,125 (2016-2018; post-doc, U. Frankfurt)
      • Attreyee Ghosh44, 68 (2008 - 2010; Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
      • Boris Kaus20,31-33,40,62 (2005 - 2006; Professor, Mainz University)
      • Jules Browaeys22 (2006; Geophysicist, Total E&P Norge AS)
  • Undergraduate and graduate research opportunities
    • Please see the News Page for undergraduate and graduate study opportunities and how to get involved with research at UT Geodynamics.

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