Thorsten W. Becker

Jackson School of Geosciences
The University of Texas at Austin

iGMT: GMT mapping GUI

Joshua Tree, 2006

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iGMT is a Tcl/Tk software I developed with Alexander Braun and stands for "Interactive Mapping of Geoscientific Datasets". iGMT provides a graphical user interface for the generic mapping tools (GMT). Our program is used world-wide to map geoscientific data and to teach GMT. The most recent version of the software is available under a modified GNU public license here:

We accept bug reports, but the development is frozen, and the main iGMT project web site is outdated. However, it has a lot of additional documentation, data, and such.

A reference for iGMT is:

  • Becker, T. W. and Braun, A. (1998): New program maps geoscientific data sets interactively. EOS Trans. AGU, 79 (42), 505-506. (PDF)
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[news] [teaching] [team] [publications] [CV] [downloads] [contact]
research: [geodynamics] [seismology] [fieldwork]
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