Thorsten W. Becker

Jackson School of Geosciences
The University of Texas at Austin

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Other publications (monographs, white papers, and opinion pieces)

  • Dunham, E. M., Thomas, A., Becker, T. W., Cattania, C., Hawthorne, J., Hubbard, J., Lotto, G. C., Olive, J.-A., and Platt, J. (2020): Modeling Collaboratory for Subduction RCN Megathrust Modeling Workshop Report. EarthArXiv, doi:10.31223/X5730M, pp. 51. (PDF)

  • Becker, T. W. and Faccenna, F. (2019): The scientist who connected it all. Eos, 100, doi:10.1029/2019EO132583.

  • Lapusta, N. et al. (2019): Modeling Earthquake Source Processes: from Tectonics to Dynamic Rupture, Report to the National Science Foundation. (PDF)

  • Behn, M., K. Barnhart, T. W. Becker, J. Brown, E. Choi, C. Cooper, J. Dannberg, N. Gasparini, R. Gassmoeller, L. Hwang, B. Kaus, L. Kellogg, L. Lavier, E. Mittelstaedt, L. N. Moresi, A. Pusok, G. Tucker, P. Upton, and P. Val (2018): Whitepaper Reporting Outcomes from NSF-Sponsored Workshop: CTSP: Coupling of Tectonic and Surface Processes April 25–27, 2018; Boulder CO, CSDMS, Boulder CO, 41 pp. (PDF)

  • Manga, M. and Becker, T. W. (2017): Richard J. O'Connell (1941-2015), Eos, 98, doi:10.1029/2017EO086639.

  • McGuire, J. J., T. Plank, S. Barrientos, T. W. Becker, E. Brodsky, E. Cottrell, M. French, P. Fulton, J. Gomberg, S. Gulick, M. Haney, D. Melgar, S. Penniston-Dorland, D. Roman, P. Skemer, H. Tobin, I. Wada, and D. Wiens (2017): The SZ4D Initiative: Understanding the Processes that Underlie Subduction Zone Hazards in 4D. Vision Document Submitted to the National Science Foundation. The IRIS Consortium, 63 pp. (PDF).

  • Hanson, B., J. Lunn, B. van der Pluijm, J. Orcutt, R. Colwell, S. Trumbore, T. W. Becker, N. Diffenbaugh, R. Pincus, M. Liemohn, U. ten Brink, P. Brewer, M. Zhang, S. A. Hauck II, B. Hubbard, M. Goni, E. Thomas, P. Wilkinson, M. Moldwin, D. J. Knipp, J. Geissman, and M. Clark (2017): Earth and Space Science for the Benefit of Humanity. Eos, 98, doi:10.1029/2018EO071991.

  • Becker, T. W. (2015): G-Cubed: Building on 15 years of publishing process-level science, Eos, 96, doi:10.1029/2015EO031977.

  • Becker, T. W. and Kaus, B. J. P (2015): Numerical Modeling of Earth Systems: An introduction to computational methods with focus on solid Earth applications of continuum mechanics. figshare, doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.1555628, 2015. (updated in 2018, 2020: PDF, accompanying Matlab code for exercises)

  • Montesi, L. G. J., di Toro, G., Simons, F. J., Akber-Knudson, S., Becker, T. W., Billen, M., Deschamps, A., and Kellogg, J. B.: Young scientists focus on the dynamics of the lithosphere, EOS Trans. AGU, 87(44), 482, 2006. (PDF)

  • Simons, F. J., Becker, T. W., Kellogg, J. B., Billen, M., Hardebeck, J., Lee, C.-T., Montég;si, L. G. J., Panero, W. and Zhong, S.: MYRES: A Program to Unite Young Solid Earth Researchers, EOS Trans. AGU, 86(5), 48, 2005. (PDF)

  • Le Texier, E. and Becker, T. W.: Why our countries oppose Iraq war. San Diego Union Tribune, February 18, 2003.

  • Becker, T. W.: Lithosphere-Mantle Interactions, Ph.D. thesis, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, April 2002. (PDF, doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7130834.v1)

  • Becker, T. W.: Finite Elemente Modellierung zur Bruchaktivierung in Scherzonen. Diploma thesis (in German), Institut für Meteorologie und Geophysik der J.W.Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main, January 1997.

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