Thorsten W. Becker

Jackson School of Geosciences
The University of Texas at Austin


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  • Modeling Collaboratory RCN funded (08/2018)

    And we were able to hire Gabe Lotto of Stanford as our program manager!
  • JSG rankings in News & World Report (03/2018)

    The Jackson School of Geosciences did well in the latest U.S. News & World Report's ranking of "Best Graduate Schools":
  • Two most recent publications (see all publications)

    peer-reviewed contributions
    127 Becker, T. W. and Lebedev, S.: Dynamics of the upper mantle in light of seismic anisotropy. In Mantle Convection and Surface Expressions, Cottaar, S. et al., eds., AGU, Washington DC, in press, 2019. PDF
    126 Bernard, R., Behr, W. M., Becker, T. W., and Young, D.: Relationships between olivine CPO and deformation parameters in naturally deformed rocks and implications for mantle seismic anisotropy. Geochem., Geophys., Geosys., 20, 1-27, doi:10.1029/2019GC008289, 2019. PDF
  • Undergrad and graduate (Ph.D.) research opportunities

    The University of Texas at Austin hosts an exciting and diverse community of researchers at the Jackson School of Geoscience, which includes the UTIG and DGS branches. We are colocated and collaborate with a number of others on campus, including TACC and ICES.

    We are always looking for motivated students with a keen interest and solid background in the Earth sciences, physics, engineering, or computer science. I like to work with students who think and work independently and challenge and extend my expertise and interests.

    Please consider applying for our program should you be interested in pursuing a PhD in my research group, and see the JSG pages for admission procedures.

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