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Below is a (by now severely outdated) compilation of geoscientific datasets that can be found on the web, they represent a subset of the datasets that are supported by iGMT. In addition to giving the links to outside sources we also provide original grd files that were generated from plate motion Euler poles and spherical harmonic coefficients of potential fields.

Unified Geodynamics Earth Science Computing Environment (UGESCE)

An updated Earth science data distribution including software such as iGMT, GMT, and others preinstalled.


We compiled all the raster datasets that can be plotted by iGMT at this point into a 300MB big gzipped tar file. If you want it all, please click here. Remember that we are providing this collection only for your convenience, and that all copyrights remain with the original authors, and the obligation to properly cite lies with you. If you decide this package, put the tar file to some shared directory, say /wrk/data/, it will expand into subdirectories that hold most of the data that is listed below.

The iGMT project's earth science dataset collection

The following datasets are a small subset of geoscience data that is available on the web. (There are numerous webpages containing meta-data and link collections such as UNAVCO's Voyager site or Seismo surfing the internet.) Here, we only list some of the datasets that are directly supported by our mapping interface iGMT. Also note that some of the grid files such as geopotential and plate velocity datasets contain original, processed data based on Euler poles, spherical harmonic coefficients and the like. If appropriate, the copyright remains with the iGMT authors.

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