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Geodynamics team pictures

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Some random pictures from selected Geodynamics team activities. For the current cast of characters, see here.

Simone, Thorsten and the MTMOD crew at the ACES Meeting, Blenheim, New Zealand, Feburary 2023.

Erin and Thorsten at the CEED Sundvollen Meeting, Norway, November 2022.

Wanying Wang's PhD graduation, congrats! May 2022.

Team dinner at our first, joint in-person scientific meeting after a long while, AGU in New Orleans. Fun, but a bit of a mixed omicron blessing. December 2021.

First in-person meeting since the pandemic, three guys worrying about seismic tomography at College de France, Paris, October 2021 (Claudio Faccenna, Steve Grand, Thorsten).

First in person meeting since March, at Jester King in September 2020 to say goodbye to Rob (Silvia, Ethan, Rob, Thorsten, Simone, Wanying, and Erin).

We shall meet again. Until then, the new normal. Virtual team meeting with Simone, Thorsten, Alexandra, Erin, Edward, Sivlia, Wanying, Antoniette, Claudio, Rob, Riccardo, and Ethan (back in the lab, safely). June 2020.

Grand Canyon GSA Field Trip, September 2019 (courtesy of Laura J. Crossey).

Thanksgiving 2018 at the cafeteria with Ping Zhang (ANU), Rob Porritt, Lukas Fuchs, and Matt Weller.

UT Geodynamics Team Retreat, TX Hill Country, October 2018.
(left to right: Nick Montiel, Luc Lavier, James Biemiller, Wanying Wang, Lukas Fuchs, Matt Weller, Rob Porritt, Zel Hurewitz, Simone Puel, Dennis Tong. Missing: Erin Heilman and Krista Soderlund.)

Valfleunes Geodynamics Workshop, June 2018.

With Luc Lavier in Kamakura, November 2017.

Adam Holt graduates at USC, May 2016.

AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, December 2015.

Geodynamics meeting, Oleron, France, August 2015.

Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo, May 2015.

Scouting, Colombia, May 2015.

LAB meeting, Geological Society, London, February 2015.

Boris Kaus, Thorsten Becker, and Mark Jellinek at Fall AGU 2013.

Basin and Range fieldwork (07/2013)

CIDER Summer School in Berkeley CA (07/2013)

Thomas walks, PhD! (05/2013) (now post-doc at UCSC)

Menderes Massif, Turkey, fieldwork (02/2013)

USC Tectonophysics activities (2013)

Ethiopia field trip (03/2012)

Team poster Fall 2011

PICASSO project seismic survice run, Morocco, May 2011

Yes, Eh Tan and myself were indeed in Japan. November 2010

Subduction dynamics meeting field trip run by Sato-san, Mt. Fuji,
November 2010

CIDER Santa Barbara, July 2010

There is light at the end!

European Geodynamics meeting in Braunwald: Attreyee Ghosh, Mélanie Gérault, Lisa Alpert, TWB (June 2009)

Temescal canyon hike: Iain Bailey, Zi-Yu Wu, Attreyee Ghosh, TWB, Mélanie Gérault, Whitney Behr (honorary), Thomas Göbel (missing: Lisa Alpert, January 2009).

Team poster Fall 2009

El Cholo: Iain Bailey, Kevin Milner, Attreyee Ghosh, Lisa Alpert, Zi-Yu Wu, Mélanie Gérault, Thomas Göbel (August 2008).

Dinner with earthquake predicters: Thorsten Becker, Peter Shebalin, Danijel Schorlemmer, Yehuda Ben-Zion, Alvaro Gonzalez, Mark W Stirling (April 2009, the day I got tenure...)

Boris Kaus and Thorsten Becker in Dublin for the DIAS Anisotropy meeting; we matched our sweaters to the color of the beer (November 2008).

Brad Foley graduates with BSc (May 2008), now post-doc at DTM.

Pressure modes are not so bad! (April 2008)

Group in 08/2005: Iain Bailey (Swiss Re), Thorsten Becker, Clare Steedman (Iris Environmental), Jules Browaeys (Total), Boris Kaus (Prof., U Mainz), Katrin Plenkers (visiting, GMuG).

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