Thorsten W. Becker

Jackson School of Geosciences
The University of Texas at Austin

Contact information

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email: (best way of getting in touch)
phone: 512-471-0410 (voice mail checked very infrequently)
mailing address:
Thorsten W Becker
Institute for Geophysics, UT Austin
J.J. Pickle Research Campus, Bldg. 196
10100 Burnet Road (R2200)
Austin, TX 78758-4445

I try to answer all email promptly. We do very much encourage undergraduates to join us for summer research and thesis work, but we cannot host paid internships from international students, regrettably, and I have stopped replying to those emails. Also, we are always looking for motivated grad students, but I will not reply to general post-doc or grad school inquiries from scientists outside solid Earth if there is no attempt made to explain even a remote connection to our research interests. Sorry.

Please see these pages if you are interested in undergraduate or graduate research in my group and do contact me to chat more.

Physical address and directions to office:

  • DGS (main UT campus)
    The University of Texas at Austin
    Department of Geological Sciences
    Office: JGB 5.226B
    (Jackson School of Geosciences Building)
    2501 Speedway
    Austin, TX 78712

  • UTIG (Pickle research campus)
    Institute for Geophysics
    Office: ROC 2.116D
    (UITG/old TACC Building)
    The University of Texas at Austin
    10601 Exploration Way
    Austin, TX, 78758

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